346-1 Minato,Tateyama-shi,Chiba,Japan

Please get off at “JR Uchibo Line Tateyama Station”.
18 minutes walk from  Station.(About 1.6km,1Mile)

Call me from the station if you need a pickup!
We doesn’t speak good English, so just say your name and “Pick me up at the station” ! XD

If you are coming by taxi, Say to the driver, “MINATO NO 7-Eleven NO MAE 200meters DE ORO SHI TE (Please drop me off before the 7-Eleven in MINATO)”.

TEL 070-4129-8801
Call me if you have any questions.

Nearby shopping and eating

Convenience stores

  • 7-Eleven Tateyama-Minato 250m 3minutes walk
  • 7-Eleven Tateyama-Yawata 800m 10minutes walk


  • Owariya marketplace 650m 8minutes walk
  • AEON Tateyama 750m 9minutes walk
  • ODOYA 1500m 19minutes walk


  • welcia 400m 5minutes walk
  • MatsumotoKiyoshi 750m 9minutes walk
  • Kawachi 850m 10minutes walk

Food and Drink store

  • Hama zushi(Sushi Train) 500m 6minutes walk
  • Marugame Seimen(Udon) 500m 6minutes walk
  • Big Boy(Salisbury steak) 500m minutes walk
  • Sakagura(Yakiniku) 650m 8minutes walk
  • McDonald’s(Located in AEON Food Court) 750m 9minutes walk
  • Kurumaya Ramen 850m 11minutes walk

There are so many more shops to choose from!